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What people have said about the service....

‘Thank you for yesterday. It's a strange feeling, a bit like a weight being lifted and finally knowing that it's not me not trying hard enough.’ JK


‘I would like you to know that I was and still am quite overwhelmed by your approach in how you dealt with me and how you did the assessment (professional, thoughtful and caring). It's really the first time that I have been able to sit with someone and go through all that we did, and come away with a positive feeling about myself and trusting the space we had, even though it has stirred up memories and emotions... I wish I had come across you years ago, thanks seems so little, but thank you anyway JL

‘The two copies arrived yesterday safe and sound. After reading them I have decided to show them to my officer in charge and hopefully they will help him to understand me a little more! I suddenly feel a lot happier in myself. Thanks again for your help.’ SC

‘Thank you again for such a comprehensive and helpfully crafted report’ CB

‘I'm finding that your assessment is making more and more sense to me as I apply it to the way I deal with things. It really has been a very useful exercise - even more so than I thought it would be. Thanks again’ JP

‘Thank you so much. I did not know what to expect with the test, however the results have brought an unexpected degree of personal peace, self acceptance and above all relief: again, thank you.’ JL

‘I really enjoyed coming to see you and I’m glad I now have the answers to my questions’. VC