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The Mannamead Therapy Centre
(part of Optimus Dyslexia Assessment Services)

Specialising in counselling for adults with dyslexia, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Autism Spectrum Conditions

About our services

Obtaining a diagnosis can bring both understanding and relief. It may also bring feelings of anger over the hurt suffered in the past, grief over lost opportunities, and confusion about a way forward. The Mannamead Therapy Centre offers a safe place where you can feel understood, accepted and supported in being who you truly are. It is a place for you to explore your feelings; make sense of the impact your condition has had on your life; and learn more about yourself and what neurodiversity means to you. Most of all, clients come to recognise and celebrate their strengths, talents and individuality. Through greater awareness, clients often move forwards with self-confidence, empowerment and purpose.

Sometimes clients want to talk generally about their diagnosis and explore a way forward. Other times they may bring specific issues, such as:

All are welcome for counselling, whether for one session or many.

No formal diagnosis is necessary to access The Mannamead Therapy Centre

The Therapist

Sally is a qualified counsellor and also an expert in neurodiversity. She has worked with clients with neurodiversity for many years and in 2015 she completed a Masters degree in Developmental Conditions including Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Autistic Spectrum Conditions and Specific Learning Difficulties.

Sally defines herself as an integrative counsellor. This means that she uses different therapeutic approaches depending on the needs of the individual client at the time. The two approaches which most influence her work are Person Centred Counselling and Gestalt.

In addition to talking therapy Sally is also trained to offer Sandplay. Sandplay takes place in the therapy room using a small wooden box of sand. Although it is not a silent therapy, the emphasis is on ‘hands on’ therapeutic work rather than talking. Using miniature objects, the client creates small worlds within the sand which may reflect inner thoughts, struggles and concerns. It has been compared to ‘dreaming while awake’ – the miniatures are chosen and placed in the sand without too much conscious thought. Looking at this inner world manifest in the sand can bring understanding, awareness and acceptance.

Sally is on the Accredited Register of the National Counselling Society. This register has been accredited by the Professional Standards Authority.